Dr. Karl C. Ivarson Agricultural Scholarship

This scholarship was created by Dr. Karl C. Ivarson through a bequest to the Agricultural Institute of Canada Foundation. In establishing this award, Dr. Ivarson wished to support students from his home province of Alberta in their pursuit of studies in agricultural sciences. The first scholarships were awarded in 2013.

2016 scholarship recipients

Christine Rosser

Christine Rosser, a PhD candidate in Animal Science in the Department of Agricultural, Food and Nutritional Sciences at the University of Alberta, received the PhD scholarship.  Her research is focused on development of a novel method to provide feed enzymes to livestock to improve feed digestibility and thereby improve animal performance, production efficiency and reduce methane emissions. 

While pursuing her undergraduate degree Christine was active in the University of Saskatchewan Agriculture Student Association and was a member of the university’s Stockmen’s Club.  She also served as Co-Chair and Chair of the University of Saskatchewan Range Team, whose focus was on learning about rangeland management including ecology, grazing management and multiple-use relationships.  While working on her Master’s degree, she served as secretary for the Animal and Poultry Science Graduate Student Council, where she represented graduate students at the University of Saskatchewan’s Graduate Student Association. 

Christine is interested in educating the general public on agricultural practices to reduce help misinformation and mistrust in the general public with regards to food production.  She led tours of the University of Saskatchewan Research Barns, including a group of high performing high school students, with the objective of showing them the wide variety of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) opportunities that are available in the agriculture industry.

Christine’s future career goal is to work in a combination of research, research extension, and teaching.  After completion of her PhD degree she would like to work in an academic position where she can share her passion for agriculture with students and share her research results with producers through extension.  

Mathew Vercaigne

Mathew Vercaigne, a Masters candidate in Plant Science in the Department of Agricultural, Food and Nutritional Sciences at the University of Alberta, received the Masters level scholarship.  His area of research focus is weed science, and specifically control of foxtail barley in spring wheat and saline soil weed problems.  

He is a Certified Crop Advisor and has acquired many agronomic and research skills through study and experiential learning with a major crop science company.  He enjoys interacting with producers and this year has made presentations relating to his research to the Farming Smarter field days in Lethbridge and the Lakeland College field days at Vermilion, Alberta.  He is also an active member of the Saskatchewan Institute of Agrologists. 

Mathew hopes to pursue a career that allows him to help producers find management strategies that minimize economic yield losses caused by weed competition in their crops, as well as in development of new weed control products.  He also hopes to continue participating in extension events in order to provide producers with the most up-to-date research to help them make the best informed decisions they can for their operations. 

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Scholarship Criteria

The Ivarson Agricultural Scholarships are awarded on the following criteria:

1.    Academic Achievement
2.    Areas of Study
3.    Community Involvement
4.    Career Interests
5.    Recommendations

Detailed Scholarship Criteria

Previous recipients

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